保镖 & 执行保护代理


安全 services for clients who demand nothing but high quality staff and strong management support.

在南加州的当地, 全州, 在全国范围内, 与国际, our executive protection agents and bodyguards conduct discreet and professional full service security operations for our discerning clientele. 训练有素, 行业受人尊敬, 和现场测试, our executive protection agents and 关闭保护 professionals have a ZERO loss record. Supported closely by our operations team via our web-based command and control systems, our autonomously operating security agents receive as needed 短暂的s, 态势感知更新, and guidance to better prepare our clients in navigating their environment. 立即博永久网 creates and executes solutions for our clients to accomplish their specific personal safety and security objectives.

立即博手机客户端 & 调查专门针对高端, 以客户服务为中心的安全, 调查, 培训, 和咨询解决方案. 自2007年成立以来,我们的目标一直是 达到并超过 我们的客户的期望. We accomplish this by actively utilizing both internal and external active management techniques and focusing our services tuned to our clients’ hierarchy of needs, resulting in a high quality service our clients and employees appreciate and respect. 我们重视专业精神, 可靠性, and prevention versus reaction and implement field tested steps to avert incidents before they occur. 立即博手机客户端 & 调查 is fully insured and is licensed by the State of California Bureau of 安全 and Investigative Services.

识别, 满足, 并超越客户的安全, 调查, 培训, 和咨询的期望. Our goal is to provide provide a high quality service in partnership with our clients designed to build and maintain a comprehensive security program.

Our security personnel are professionals operating at the same level as most company’s supervisors. 要求最小的方向, our staff 非常高效。ly and effectively provide a scalable full complement of security services tailored to 满足 our clients’ individual needs. No job too small or too big, each and every client receives the highest standard of service. With our staff’s combined background in private security, 执法, 关闭保护, 军事, 和业务, we can assure you we have your best interest in how we operate.

We see many of the services we provide much like an insurance policy under the assumption that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


  • 武装/非武装近距离立即博手机客户端人员 & 下班的/退休的警察
  • 进出控制和周边监控
  • 先进的脆弱性和威胁评估
  • 安全系统设计与集成
  • Near real-time threat management and social media tracking
  • 完全保留的安全咨询服务
  • Private 调查s including bug sweeps, business intelligence, and harassment mitigation
  • Travel facilitation, route establishment, emergency management and contingency planning
  • 房地产和商业保护团队,如果需要的话
  • 定制网站特定的邮政订单
  • Scalable staff for events, fundraisers, and private parties
  • Choice of uniformed, all black attire, plain clothes, or suit and tie

立即博永久网’ 关闭保护 services rely heavily on planning and assessment. Our working theory is that reaction can only be as good as preparation.

管理我们的员工, we deploy a full service web-based command and control system to train, 调度, 短暂的, 监控, 并对我们的员工和客户的远程响应. Supported by off-site operations managers and field operations supervisors, 立即博永久网在更有效的级别执行, 非常高效。, 而且比其他安全公司反应快.

Threat management is activity directed towards the locating, 评估, 评估, 测定, and ultimately mitigating threats to an acceptable level. In some cases the threats may be dismissed due to inability to execute. 在其他情况下, threats may escalate preventative measures to include fortified infrastructure, 增加人员, 和计划的调整. 威胁可能来自客户端活动, 的同事, 事故, 自然原因, 人为错误, 和有意的行为. Companies and individuals can minimize exposure to potential threats by implementing a near real time threat management solution and conducting a full analysis of their security program.

立即博手机客户端 & 调查 provides threat management services across a broad spectrum of clients.  这些客户包括名人和贵宾, 对公司, 教育, 工业, 和机构.  There are numerous factors to consider to before any analysis begins including the actual, 感知到的, 以及特定威胁的可能性.

立即博永久网 conducts thorough protective intelligence 调查s of all factors relevant to 评估 vulnerabilities and potential threats. 分析包括:

  • 接近实时的社交媒体关键词跟踪
  • Near real time review of secondary potential sources of risk
  • 接近实时的地缘政治事件跟踪
  • 近实时时事考虑
  • 旅行前的准备和应急计划

后确定的威胁, 立即博永久网 security consultants will recommend specific instructions to mitigate threats to the extent possible. We will assist through all levels of implementation if required.


立即博手机客户端 & 调查:我们的任务是确定, 满足, 并超越客户的安全, 调查, 培训, 和咨询的期望.

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如果你的城市不在名单上,请 立即博手机客户端. 我们可能会根据要求提供服务.

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